Exciting !

UpFloorZ is an exciting and relaxing one tap endless platformer game where your goal is too reach the highest floor. Every day a new contest start, every player re-start at floor 0 and have 24 hours to reach the highest floor. It's a realtime multiplayer game so you will see other players positions while you are climbing floors.

Awesome Power Ups

- Giant: become 5 times bigger and crush all the bricks on your way to the top !
- S-Man: Wear your red cape and fly straight to the top !
- Magnet: grab all the coins around you.
- Top Hat and Monocle: double all the coins you get.
- Shield: Go through the bullets without fear.

I am Damien LEGAVE, you can follow my journey in #IndieGameDev on this blog. If you want to exchange with me, simply follow me on twitter: